Embrace 'the change' with confidence 70 mg soy isoflavones per day PHYTO SOYA® is a FOOD SUPPLEMENT containing a natural sourced soya extract dedicated to women over 45 years old. These high strength two-a-day capsules (morning & night), help provide a more balanced 24hr dosage.


PHYTO SOYA® has been developed by Arkopharma Laboratories, leading experts in the women health.


Arkopharma uses an exclusive extract rich in Isoflavones. This specific standardised soya extract is prepared only from the hypocotyl (the embryo) of the soya bean. The hypocotyl is specifically rich in in natural isoflavones like Daidzein.

PHYTO SOYA® is specially formulated to help support dietary intake of soya isoflavones.

Safety Scientifically tested* No added diary Trusted by 1000s of women No added GMO worldwide No added yeast Suitable for diabetics.

*Clinical study carried on with 70 mg isoflavones per day on 395 menopausal women during 3 years, published in the review Climacteric, 2010.